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We continuously perform due diligence on Alternative asset managers in Canada and the United States targeting strategies with low correlation to equity, strong cash flow, and consistent returns.


Our TURN8 Alternative Fund is designed to be uncorrelated to the public markets and targets absolute returns in all conditions. We provide our clients access to many investments not readily available to most investors. When combined in one pooled fund we can create a level of diversification difficult to achieve for even the wealthiest individual investors. The objective of this fund is to provide 6% to 8% annual return with minimal volatility regardless of what is happening in the public equity and fixed income markets.

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The TURN8 Alternative Fund

Our Alternative Fund won 1st place in two categories at the 2021 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards!  We took home both the 3-year and 5-year Sharpe Ratio awards. Our Alternative Growth fund portfolio is made up of asset managers in North America who have produced strong track records relative to peers in their sector.

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