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Insurance coverage tailored to you. Carefully chosen insurance coverage can not only help protect the wealth you’re working hard to build — it can also help you build it further.

Using insurance, you can make smarter decisions that can help minimize risk, leave you with greater flexibility and liquidity, and substantially add to the overall value of your estate.

The areas of insurance that we focus on, and recommend our clients consider if they are interested in protecting and building their wealth, include: life insurance and living benefits. It's not about buying too much, it's about having the right strategy and amount to efficiently meet your needs.

Life Insurance

There are 2 main types of life insurance: term and permanent.

  • Term insurance, as the name suggests, is temporary. It often ranges from about 10 to 30 years, with an option for renewal or conversion at the end of the term. Think of it like renting an apartment.

  • Permanent insurance, as the name suggests, is for a lifetime. In addition to providing a death benefit, it is often used for tax and estate planning or to clear up any remaining liabilities at death. Think of it like buying a home.

Living Benefits

Living benefits include disability insurance, critical illness insurance and long-term care insurance – which provide you with a benefit while you’re still living.

  • Disability insurance covers you if an illness or injury leaves you unable to work. It replaces a portion of your lost income while you recover. 

  • Critical illness insurance covers a range of illnesses, depending on the policy, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke. After a prescribed waiting period, you can receive a lump-sum payment that can give you more financial flexibility so you can focus on recovery. 

  • Long-term care insurance is particularly helpful later in life when you may become physically or mentally dependent on others for care. You can use the regular benefit payments to pay for care in your home or in a care facility of your choice.

When you’re looking at insurance, what you’re really looking at is protecting your future cash flow or an asset.

As a risk management tool, you may have purchased insurance for various purposes over the years — each often in response to a specific need that arose. We can help you reconcile and verify that, taken together, your insurances provide you with the necessary coverage and are aligned with your current investment strategy and financial objectives.

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"Each type of insurance has a specific purpose. When deciding on an insurance solution, its best to seek the advice of a licensed Insurance Advisor who will recommend the best product that fits your specific situation."

Craig McFadzean, Founder and CEO

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