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An innovative thinker, with a vision for providing smart and strategic investment solutions.


TURN8 Private Wealth Founder, President and Chief Investment Officer

No Craig is not a professional race car driver, but he does have the same traits as one; patience, balance, and discipline.

With over 20 years of experience in the investment and financial services industry, it was no surprise when Craig McFadzean, Founder and CEO, launched TURN8 Private Wealth. A company founded on innovative thinking, intelligent solutions and smart strategy.


The early part of Craig's career was spent working in finance and risk management with RBC before becoming a risk consultant for banks and pension funds across North America.  Prior to creating TURN8, Craig was a portfolio manager at RBC Dominion Securities. His clients at RBC encouraged him to create a better place for Canadians to invest.
Inspired by his clients and his love for investment solutions that are more dynamic, and as a natural-born entrepreneur, Craig’s vision came to life in the form of TURN8 Private Wealth in 2012.
Craig loves to create wealth management solutions that reflect the evolving goals and priorities of his clients and have the ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

Approachable and responsive, Craig conducts himself with transparency and integrity. It’s no wonder that many of his clients not only trust him with their personal finances but have also been his clients since the inception of TURN8 Private Wealth.
Craig believes that today’s investors need intelligent solutions, smart strategy, and innovative thinking beyond the scope of traditional investment firms. His hands-on approach coupled with his passion for exceptional customer service has set the tone for excellence amongst the TURN8 Private Wealth Team.

A father of two, Craig is active in his community through coaching and volunteering. He continues to participate and contribute to charity organizations and is especially passionate about charities that focus on intellectually handicapped and disabled children.

Privacy questions or concerns may be sent to Craig McFadzean, President & Chief Investment Officer through the form below. 


“As TURN8 Private Wealth turns 10 in Spring 2022, I am proud of what the team has accomplished. I am proud that we are seen as trusted advisors, that we seek to not only protect our clients hard earned savings, but also position their portfolios for potentially strong and stable growth. I am also excited for our future, for the launch of new financial solutions, and for using our business as a real force for good.”

Craig McFadzean, Founder and CEO

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